Call for Abstracts


Application/registration of abstracts can be submitted online from this website. Please read the guide below, and make an application at the Abstract registration website.

Deadline of Abstract application and Abstract manuscript submission

Abstract application: December 23 (Fri) 2016 January 6 (Fri) 2017, 12:00
January 7 (Sat) 2017, 17:00 Closed.
Abstract manuscript: February 8 (Wed)  February 10 (Fri) 2017, 17:00

  • Presentation format is limited to poster presentations, no oral presentations.
    The poster size will be indicated on the HP.
  • Please obey strictly to the submission deadline due to publication of the journal of abstracts.
  • Registered information may be checked/altered until the deadline, but not after the deadline, as the registration system shuts down automatically.
  • Early application is recommended, as access concentration is expected before the deadline.

Eligibility for Presentation

Presenters (co-presenters included) must be a member of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry. If you are currently not a member, please proceed to registration quickly. For any questions regarding admission procedure or membership fee, contact us by post, fax, telephone and E-mail at the following address.

Secretariat of Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry
Oral Health Association #402 Komagome TS Building 1-43-9
Komagome Toshima(-ku) Tokyo
Tel:+81-3-3947-8891 Fax:+81-3-3947-8341 E-mail:

Registration of Abstract

  • New Registration
  • Confirmation/Revision
  1. Press the New Registration button above and enter your personal information as shown below.
    Please check you have entered your E-mail address correctly, as we would not be able to contact you if your enter an incorrect E-mail address.
  2. Co-presenters must register separately to the main presenter at the abstract registration website, and enter their affiliated organizations.
  3. Applicants must register abstract category, abstract title (Japanese, English), keywords, and abstract.
  4. In case of submitting more than two abstracts from the same organization, applicants must enter their priority order in the remarks column.
  5. When the application procedure is finished, an automatically generated E-mail to confirm abstract registration will be sent to the E-mail address you registered. We reserve the right in the process of abstract selection.
  6. If the president or program committee finds the contents of the presentation are insufficient for ethical considerations and protection of personal information, please understand that the abstract will be rejected. On submission of abstract, please note that for research, a form of approval in PDF format from the Ethical Review Board of the relevant organization must be attached. As for a case report, a written consent in PDF format from the patient or his/her guardian must be attached. Furthermore, the format of the form of approval or written consent may be that which is used in your university or medical facilities. Please refer to the format on the conference home page. It will be located in the homepage of Japanese Society of Pediatric Dentistry, at [Person related to academic society] → [Main contents] → [Downloads] → [Documents of medical ethics committee].
  7. The abstract requires statement of Conclusions and Comments. The journal of abstracts will be published in the Vol. 55 (No.2) of Pediatric Dentistry Journal. Please note that revision of content is not possible once the abstract is submitted.
  8. On submission of abstract, please take into account the following points.
    A proper noun must not be used. (i.e. ○○University…, ○○Dental Clinic…)
    Applicants must not submit two or more abstracts as the main presenter.
  9. Confirmation or alteration of abstract registration may be done from the “Confirmation/Revision” button above.

    * Please be careful not to forget the password you created during registration, as it will be required in confirmation/revision.

Abstract Submission Categories

Please submit your abstracts under any of the following topics.

  1. Health education, Promotion and Epidemiology
  2. Behavioral Science and Management
  3. Prevention and Management of Oral Diseases (Caries, Periodontal disease, Pulp therapy)
  4. Dental Trauma
  5. Restorative Dentistry/Dental Materials
  6. Management of Children and Adolescents with Special Health Care Needs
  7. Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery
  8. Orthodontics/Growth and Development
  9. Biological/Basic Science Research
  10. Dental Education

Guidelines for Abstract Preparation and Submission

All abstracts must be submitted from the on-line submission system. The submission deadline is set at February 8 (Wed) 2017, 12:00. Early application is recommended, as access concentration is expected before the deadline.

* Please be careful not to forget the password you created during registration, as it is required to log in.

* If the title of your abstract or your affiliated organization does not fit in a single line, it may be written in multiple lines. Please adjust so as that the whole text will fit in one page. As for English description, there are no specific rules for abbreviations. You may use abbreviations established in your organization or not write the whole term.

Guidelines for preparation of abstracts

  1. A journal of abstracts will be compiled in the modified A4 format, assigning one page to each speech subject. Information must be entered within the predefined space. With reference to the downloaded template, type letters in two columns, each comprising 35 lines of 22 letters, using the font type Century and font size of 9 points for the main text.
  2. In the abstract, specify the speech subject, the names of all authors (of whom the presenter should be marked with a circle), their organizations, the objective, targets, methods, results, discussion, conclusion and bibliography in this order without omission. The speech subject, name of authors and their organizations must be descripted in English. For description of the objective and onwards, Japanese, English or both is allowed. Note that if there is any omission regarding the results, etc., the abstract will be rejected.
  3. Leave one blank line each between the speech subject and the author names and between the organizations and the main text.
  4. Any author whose organization differs from that of the principal author should be marked with an asterisk (*) on the right shoulder of his/her name, with his/her organization name marked with * on its left shoulder, for differentiation. For authors belonging to more than two organizations, use asterisks incrementally to indicate their secondary and subordinate organizations (e.g., * for the secondary, ** for the tertiary, and so forth).
  5. Applicants related to universities must enter their university names into the affiliation column according to the list below. Applicants who belong to other organizations must enter the name of the research institute, hospital, or medical office, followed by the location of the organization in brackets.
  6. Monochrome charts, photographs, etc. can be inserted in the abstract. Take care of their sizes, because the abstracts submitted will be processed in full proportion into the abstract collection.

Abstract Preparation Procedure

  1. Please download the template (MS-Word file) from below and overwrite it.
  2. Please publish your abstracts in MS-Word according to the cautionary note on publication of abstracts, list of university names and abstract sample. Note that inserted charts and photographs must be monochrome.
  3. Submit the abstract you published in PDF format from the Log-in button below.
  4. If you want to revise your abstract, please resubmit the new file from the PDF submission page.

Guidelines for conversion of abstracts into PDF format

  1. Once you finish publishing your abstract in MS-Word, convert it into PDF format using file conversion software, such as Adobe Acrobat.
  2. We would like to ask the presenter himself/herself to convert the abstract into PDF format. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  3. On forming a PDF file, be sure to embed fonts. (Important: Please check the property of the PDF file to make sure.)
  4. Photographs and charts must be monochrome, full-size and inserted in the template. (Photographs and charts cannot be attached as separate files.)
  5. Do not add headers or footers such as page numbers.
  6. As for security, permit all functions.
  7. Please use standard S-JIS fonts, not self-designed fonts.
  8. For publication in English, please use the font type Century, and not any other font types.
  9. Please check the abstract carefully, as the PDF converted file will be published on the journal of abstracts.
  • Log-in (Abstract Submission)

Required Documents for Abstract Registration

Form of Presentation

Poster Presentation

  1. All Poster presenters are asked to stand in front of their posters for 30 minutes to answer questions.
  2. Please refer to the figure for display size Poster Sample
  3. Further details will be disclosed on the homepage in the future.

Please contact the executive secretariat indicated below for questions regarding abstract submission and registration for participation.

Global MICE Centre, Kyushu Corporation Branch, Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd